Marelle was founded in 2020 by 2 Greek besties Maria and Elpida. The girls started out with main goal to create a community united by love of dressing up, elevating every woman’s body, sharing fashion tips , inspiring and  supporting one another.

We create exclusive, premium collections that are designed and produced in Greece, just for you. Our pieces are as beautiful and unique as the babes who purchase them.

That’s why we customize each piece to the special needs of every Marelle girl asks for it. From size, length to color we change the main patron in order to fit your body as best as it may. Sewess is always included for free in the price you buy the piece.

Every body is different and every body is beautiful. Our goal is to elevate that body  by creating the best fit for you.

Our collection is made with lots of love from start to finish and what is done with love, is done well.

Marelle is chic and Marelle is sexy.  Choose your style and we are here for you to make it happen.