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 When it comes to really special occasions, off the rack just isn’t enough – here’s where custom made dresses come into play. Designed and tailored entirely around your style, body shape, occasion, and budget haute couture is even more accessible than you’d have imagined.


4 Benefits of Getting Your Clothes Custom Made

1.The Perfect Fit

Anyone who wants to look good knows how FIT means everything. Fit is the key to showing off                                                                         your body in the most flattering way.No two people are built the same, which means there’s no                                                                         way an item of clothing purchased off the rack will fit any person perfectly. When you get your                                                                      clothes custom made, your exact measurements are taken so that your outfit will fit you like a glove.

2. Your choice

Not only will your custom made clothing be the perfect fit, but you also get to hand pick the fabric,                                                            materials, colour, length and any other accessories you want to add on. What more could you                                                                            ask for?


3.Saving Time

Finding a piece of clothing that suits the picture you have in your head is a near impossible feat.                                                                      Even if you do end up finding something similar, chances are it won’t fit you just right.This is                                                                              why when you get your clothes custom made, you are guaranteed that perfect piece. Spare                                                                         yourself the experience of running around frantically from store to store for hours on end and                                                                             just opt to get your clothes custom made!


4.Flaunting Your Personal Style

How a person dresses says a lot about who they are. If you buy clothing that is produced at a                                                                          mass level all the time, then you are prone to looking just like everybody else. Boring! Custom                                                                        made clothing brings out your individuality and allows you to express your creativity in a way                                                                              that ready-to-wear clothes simply can’t. That means whenever someone compliments what you’re                                                             wearing, you can proudly own the fact that you were a collaborator on the piece.You’ll have a                                                                 completely unique piece of clothing that fits you flawlessly and makesyou stand out from the crowd.




Xoxo 💋 Marellé

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